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  • Track Car Preparation
  • ECU Tuning
  • Engine Upgrades
  • Suspencion Tuning & Upgrades

MoTec, a Premium brand engine data acquisition and management system from Australia, HalTech world renowned engine control units designed to manage from motorcycles to V8 powered cars, whether it’s a naturally aspirated or turbo charged engine, first PC programmable real time ECU ideal for race track tuning. EMS is another Australian brand that’s makes ancillary products such as K-types amps, CDI, ECU’s and igniters’. Used by some of the great names in Motor racing in Sri Lanka, Aravinda Premadasa and Dinesh Jayawardena.


Dynamic racing, for those few men willing to push their cars further by optimizing it for racing and making it much more than just a joust of distance against time, is the authorized sole agent for MoTec, HalTech and EMS brand engine optimizing software in Sri Lanka. Whether your racing platform is European or Japanese, at Dynamic racing a multitude of possibilities are available to tune it using premier MoTec brand engine management and data acquisition systems from Australia, acclaimed world over for its advanced technology. A wide variety of custom engine tweaking options are available for the genuinely passionate tech-savvy racing enthusiast, using our premium brands MoTec, HalTech and EMS for which we are the sole agents in Sri Lanka. Knowledge, experience and dedication to quality of work are integral parts of our undertaking.

Dynamic racing offers competitive edge with the use of MoTec, HalTech and EMS to all your needs on speed. By using either MoTec, HalTech along with EMS we make recommendations to the enthusiast on engine rebuilding, mechanical and electronic/electrical modifications required for racing. If you want the very best in car tuning and enhancing performance of your car and turn it into a race car, then this is the place to visit.

Services we offer:

Our services start with a full MoTec diagnostic, followed by our recommendations on tuning and modification needed to your engine along with full installation of the necessary modified parts and routine maintenance work on your engine. Engine rebuilding based on racing requirement along with necessary mechanical, electronic and electrical changes to support the new configuration of the platform. We are specialists in ECU programming, which play a key role in modern engine tuning.

We start with a full diagnose of the car on mechanical and body modifications required and test the engine on a dynamometer for engine power availability, our full package offers all this plus track testing after modifications and final optimizing for race on track along with our team monitoring your precious engine.. We make it our goal to satisfy all your racing requirements including scheduled maintenance and service, visit and find out the true meaning of engine optimizing for racing.